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Pharmacy Technician Externship

Practice your skills in a hands-on pharmacy environment

Pharmacy Technician Externship

You have passed the PTCB exam. Now it is time to step into the Pharmacy Technician Externship.
The Pharmacy Technician Externship was designed for Allied students who have become Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhT). With it, you will practice the skills you have learned under direct supervision in an actual work environment, as well as discover what it is like working in a pharmacy and negotiate for employment as a pharmacy technician.

How to Participate

When you enroll in Allied’s online Professional Pharmacy Technician Program, or Allied’s Pharmacy Technician Program. you automatically become eligible to participate in our complimentary externship program. Prospective externs must:

  • Successfully complete an Allied Pharmacy Technician Program
  • Show proof of Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) credential
  • Obtain state license, registration, and/or background check where applicable

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page for additional details.*

The externship starts with a brief professional development unit that you will complete online. Concurrently, Allied’s Clinical Coordinator will begin locating a hospital or retail pharmacy in or near your community in which to place you for the duration of the externship. Externship hours will vary by state and location, and strict attendance and conduct policies will be enforced.*

On the Job Activities:

  • Filling and refilling prescriptions
  • Therapeutic class and indications
  • Sig codes and abbreviations
  • 3rd party billing
  • Medical terminology
  • Data entry profiles: Rx’s, Ins., etc.
  • Counting, pouring, reconstituting Rx’s, etc.
  • Pharmacy math calculations
  • Administrative duties: reports, filling Rx’s, etc.
  • Invoices, reconciliations, etc.
  • Inventory control
  • Cash handling, register, debit and credit cards*
  • IV admixture*
  • Extemporaneous compounding*
    *If applicable to the assigned externship site/pharmacy


  • Drug nomenclature
  • Therapeutic class and indications
  • Sig codes and abbreviations
  • Pharmacy math
  • Medical terminology
  • Prescription interpretation
  • Federal and state laws
  • Technician competencies and state laws
  • Computer literacy-accurate data entry
  • Pharmacy software or applicable software
  • Patient communications & profile requirements
  • Drug distribution and inventory
  • Drug reference books
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Chemotherapy
  • IV admixture
  • Extemporaneous compounding


  • Specify the reasons why job training is important to a pharmacy technician
  • Distinguish among the types of employee skill strengths
  • Identify the importance of a career objective
  • List the potential sources to find available employment
  • Determine the importance of having demographic information about former employers before the interview
  • Recognize the externship performance appraisal and understand why ratings are usually not perfect
  • Determine the importance of maintaining liability insurance coverage throughout externship and employment
  • Distinguish between a job application and a résumé
  • Identify your career track and determine a personal marketing strategy to evaluate your employment potential further
  • Compose a list of personal and professional contacts to identify job opportunities.
  • Develop or update a résumé, quality cover letter, and thank you note or follow-up letter
  • Create an electronic and paper portfolio to illustrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities further
  • Apply the key elements of an effective approach, including preparation, follow-up, and appropriate standards of behavior and appearance, when scheduling an interview for the pharmacy technician externship
  • Identify pharmacy technician career paths and formulate effec tive strategies for maximizing career advancement and long-term professional growth

Externship participants must adhere to a specific schedule as designated by the Externship Coordinator and by the Site Preceptor. The Externship Coordinator will attempt to make scheduling accommodations; however, participants are expected to be available for a minimum of 20-hours per week and a maximum of 40-hours per week. The length of the Externship is dependent on the program of study and the State regulations and guidelines (if applicable). ABS’s externship program may or may not meet the requirements of a participant’s state. Participants are highly encouraged to check their own state’s regulations to ensure compliance. All externship opportunities are unpaid rotations.


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*Externship placement is not guaranteed. All students must apply to the program and complete the prerequisite criteria before being accepted. Positions in the externship program are contingent on availability at each pharmacy location. Students may also set-up their own externship at any other retail or hospital facility. Externship is not available in Florida.

Students are strongly encouraged to begin externship within 3 months of earning their CPhT credential.  Students who exceed this period may be subject to entrance exam or other screening methodology.

Many states and facilities may require background checks for healthcare workers, whether they are employees or externs.  Any felony conviction will most likely prevent placement in the states and facilities that have this requirement. 



Program Information

  • Price: Included with Program Purchase*(complimentary with the purchase of either Pharmacy Technician programs)
  • Call us at: 888-822-2923
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