Pharmacy Calculations Course (60 hours)

Learn Pharmacy Technician Math with Allied's Online Course

Please note: This course is available as a standalone course or as part of the Pharmacy Technician Professional Program or Pharmacy Technician Professional Program with Pharmacology.

The ability to perform pharmaceutical calculations using basic math is an important part of your pharmacy technician training.  For your pharmacy technician career, you will need to learn how to calculate solutions to pharmacy-related problems, as well as how to calculate community and institutionally-based problems. Allied's online Pharmacy Calculations Course will help you develop the foundation you need to apply your new skills in a real pharmacy setting.

You will receive:

  • Math Calculations for Pharmacy, 2nd Edition
  • Study guide –includes detailed course instructions
  • 3 comprehensive units – twelve chapters are assigned per unit
  • Problem practice exercises
  • Multiples-choice quizzes
  • Open-book, multiple-choice final exam

Pharmacy Calculations Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Recall how to perform basic and business math skills.
  • Compute calculations and conversions for health care measurement systems.
  • Calculate solutions for medication and prescription orders.
  • Compute special medication calculations.

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